About us

by    Monday, November 9th, 2020

SEOCLERKSS was founded on the belief that to win a race, each miles counts. When you wish to accomplish something huge in life, you have to set goals and start small to get huge results.

SEOCLERKSS is your platform for accomplishment. Our mission is here to bring together smart buyers with very smart sellers in the context of affordability. SEOCLERKSS was created because we save a true shift in terms of how we worn and purchase.

The online marketplace is not just for physical goods anymore, now we can purchase soft goods such as graphics design, article, and SEO expertise the way we order takeout food off a menu (fast, cheap and great). Amazing right?

We also believe the internet marketplace changes the way we work now in this modern world – on our own and as a team. At SEOCLERKSS, we empower our sellers and buyers to build their dreams, one small job at a time.

Here at SEOCLERKSS, it’s our mission to bring together sellers and buyers. We have created an affiliate store that is friendly and simple to use and dedicated to you also. This platform offers a secure environment where sellers can sell their skills (services) online and buyers can buy from them that their money is totally in safe hand with us.

  • In the past time, we’ve helped out tons of sellers make money online. And most of them are now working full time on SEOCLERKSS and support their families. We’ve heard that a few are managed to put a deposit down on a brand new vehicle. How cool is that!
  • SEOCLERKSS is a well-known online marketplace where every service is sold from 1 USD (starting from 3 levels). Each and every service or micro job has been very well defined by the seller. And any buyers can buy service they need or hire professionals for the jobs, super easy!
  • Through this platform, small and medium employers can hire professional freelancers to do work in areas such as designing, social medial marketing, video creation service, data entry, blog, software development, video editing, search engine optimization-related jobs through legal.

How does it work?

Whether you need a logo for your new website or blog or video presenters who’ll assist you introduce your company to potential clients, SEOCLERKSS is the right place for you. For all that you don’t know how to manage or do yourself, simply do not have the time for, SEOCLERKSS freelancers are at your service.

For buyers

Just need to find a service that you need – compare, portfolios, prices, and the delivery time as well as community recommendations in order to find a seller that best suits your needs. If you’ve a special query about service or the job, simply send them an inquiry.

Manage the transaction – job as well as feedback with the sellers through a built-in transfer and transaction management system. The seller you hire for the job will deliver a service within the specified period.

Approve delivered job – once you’re happy with the way the job is done, you can mark the deal complete and we will make sure that the seller gets paid. Help the sellers by leaving a review for the seller.

Send all the details you want from a seller – be as detailed as possible so the sellers can give you the best quality service that you’re expecting. Your money is held secure until you are satisfied and confirm that the service is performed to your satisfaction.

For sellers

Post your service with complete detailed –post a service you provide in accordance with your professional skills. Be as specific as possible your buyer will know easily and perfectly what they are getting from the money they’re paying to buy your gig or service.

Communicate quickly –respond to client questions and enquires as well as every request for custom orders, within a reasonable time frame and money. Fine communication is a prerequisite for smooth and successful cooperation.

Deliver your work with complete instruction – after you’ve received an order and you’re done with the work, just deliver the complete work to the buyer! It is that easy!

Build your reputation – at SEO CLERKSS makes sure to treat every customer the same and try to provide the finest possible service regardless of the transaction worth. Satisfied clients will recommend you to others for your professionalism.


There’re several types of services you can provide the clients with proper details and guidelines. Where buyers easily can understand buy it. Here’re we’re trying to make this whole process smooth and hassle-free. That is why SEOCLERKSS is the best in this market.

  • Completely uncomplicated – it is simple, if there is a service you would like to buy or sell, then SEOCLERKSS will help you to sell or buy it.
  • Fair process –no ifs or buts, our platform provides each and everyone the same opportunity to earn some extra bit of money on the platform.
  • Playful – this platform is American based, but not the stuffy type, more the cheeky chappy end – really fun and playful is our main game.
  • Inclusive – we are here to help freelancers and companies. No matter what our size or shape, sellers or buyers, our SEOCLERKSS platform is for you.
  • Approachable –here we are always there for our respected users – welcoming and friendly. thekettle’s forever on, well, digitally at least!

Our SEOCLERKSS platform is more than just a usual marketplace

Our sellers and buyers are well like-minded individuals who can see the value in delegating small jobs and getting them done for such a flat rate. The way we work and purchase has changed completely (for the better) and the SEOCLERKSS marketplace is a safe, trustworthy, secure, and fun environment in which to do both.

We have been connecting our team of talented freelancers with very happy clients for the past many years. Because we knowtrust and reputation is all in the online world (especially in freelancing), we utilize state of the art system that safeguards your money until your job is done.